For most people their retirement will be largely dependent on their pensions. Starting a pension early and taking advantage of the tax reliefs from pensions can greatly increase the amount of funds available in retirement. Many people accumulate pensions from past employers, with many of them having not been reviewed for a long time which means they may no longer suit your requirements.

Reviewing your pension arrangements has the potential to:

  • reduce product charges,
  • have access to a wider range of investments,
  • consolidation to ease the administration of managing your pension pot and therefore likely to reduce ongoing charges,
  • access to flexible pension freedom options that are unavailable via your current plan(s).

We help ascertain your retirement goals, show you what level of income you could expect in retirement, and recommend the most suitable products and savings to provide for your retirement.

Regular monitoring of your pension arrangements will help ascertain ongoing suitability and highlight any changes that are needed to keep them on track. We charge a fee for our ongoing advice service and conduct regular client review meetings as part of this service.

Feel free to contact us for further details.

Risk Warning:

The value of the fund can go down as well as up and the value will depend on how much is saved, the charges paid and the rate at which the investment grows.

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