The Mini Budget Summary

13 July, 2020 | News

Rishi released a ‘Mini Budget’ as we are slowly recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic and I enclose some of the key points for your perusal: Job Retention Bonus. This follows on from the current Job retention scheme. This is a one-off payment of £1,000 to employers that have used the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) […]

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Is it worth the risk?

3 June, 2020 | News

Anything you do financially will bear some kind of risk. With ‘risk’ being a very emotive word, it is important that any risk is well defined and quantified.   What is Investment Risk? There are a number of investment risks, however, they all have the same principal concern; that your investments will not behave the […]

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The Risk of Low Risk 22nd May 2020

26 May, 2020 | News

Why do we invest? For many investors, the aim is to provide returns over the medium to long term that are greater than that available from cash savings. The trade-off for these greater long-term returns is that you no longer get them in a straight line and your investment value could be down in the […]

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Coronavirus Market Insight: Update 20th April 2020

20 April, 2020 | News

Comfort in the unknown This week I will discuss a measure which shows that the investment market has become more comfortable with the expected market effects of COVID-19. The VIX index (Chicago Board Options Exchange’s Volatility Index) – you can see why they abbreviated it – is a measure of the stock markets expected volatility […]

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Coronavirus Market Insight: Update 13th April 2020

13 April, 2020 | News

One of our investment themes showing its benefit   Little has changed since our previous update as we start to see some continuity of expectations. I thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight one of the more specific investment issues that has raised its head as a result of the Coronavirus and how […]

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Coronavirus Market Insight: Update 3rd April 2020

3 April, 2020 | News

How and when will financial markets recover?   This update might be a little ambiguous but that’s because there are still some unknowns.   Here are my thoughts on what the recovery may look like.   Whilst there are still unknowns, markets will continue to be priced based on a reasonable worst-case expectation. That is, […]

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Coronavirus Market Insight: Update 27th March 2020

27 March, 2020 | News

As we come to the end of the first week of the government’s ‘stay at home’ policy, the markets have again provided rough terrain for investors.   This week we have seen the risk associated with trying to time markets. On Tuesday 24th March the FTSE100 posted a 9% gain; highlighting just how volatile markets […]

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Business Update

25 March, 2020 | News

Please find the link below to a PDF update on Future Asset Management LLPs current business update; Continued service delivery update If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. Take care and stay safe everyone! Kind regards Future Asset Management LLP

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Coronavirus market insight update: 20th March 2020

20 March, 2020 | News

My general attitude and beliefs surrounding markets and the coronavirus (COVID-19) remain unchanged from our previous newsletter. This however seems a poignant time to pass some extra reassurance to clients and provide further explanation on why my stance remains unchanged. There have been a few statements from clients and in the media which I believe […]

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Coronavirus and the Financial Markets

17 March, 2020 | News

With COVID-19 taking centre stage in the headlines and with much of the publicity being around the economic effects, I wanted to keep our valued clients in the loop with our considerations of the current circumstances. I won’t speculate on the timelines for the virus itself to come under control, I will leave that to […]

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